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Friday in london

Posted by admin on Apr 4, 2010

Well…where do we start?! We woke up early on our Friday morning and ate a large breakfast at our hotel. We started touring around town only to realize that Good Friday is a big deal here. Many museums close and other sites as well. We were able to discover that the Tower of London was open so we went and saw the beautiful crown jewels which includes the world’s largest diamond and more gold than we could imagine! We also got a tour of the tower by a dynamic tour guide who had us laughing. We got an early tour when the place wasn’t packed and boy was that good because by the time we left it the line to see the crown jewels wrapped around the castle as far as the eye could see. Then the crazy part of the day began. We had to walk a long way to our hotel because bus service was limited due to Good Friday (at least we had good weather). We changed into meeting clothes to go to Bethel. As we left our hotel it started pouring! And getting to Bethel was the biggest adventure we’ve had yet. Bethel is as far out as you can go on the tube(subway) and the surrounding areas are not as nice or as inhabited as central London. When we got to the last stop we were running late and had missed lunch because of the time it took to get to Bethel…and we now had to walk about a half mile or more up a hill. We were so relieved to finally get there and of course being the wonderful people as they are there they got us on a tour no problem. As you can expect we had a great time. We can write about the people we met later. The way back was more of an adventure on the tune because it was evening on the outskirts of town and the tube ride was a bit uneasy. We had dinner at a place packed with locals near trafalgar square and it was much needed as we hadn’t eaten in 13 hours!!! Austin had fish and chips and Haylee had Italian and yes finished the entire huge bowl of food which is not a usual thing as restuarant dishes are usually much too big for her appetite.


Jennifer Ellwood:

Hi Guys, Ive been keeping up with your wonderful blog and always look forward to hearing about your exciting days! Cant wait to see all your pictures from the trip when you get back! Take care!

April 4th, 2010 | 8:49 pm

Hi way over there,

Sounds like you two are truly having a great adventure! If Haylee hadn’t eaten in 13 hours you really must be having fun, lol. Keep us on the edge of our seats with your blogs love you lots

April 5th, 2010 | 9:58 am
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