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Amazing last day in london

Posted by admin on Apr 4, 2010

On Saturday we checked out of our hotel and took a bus to the British Museum where we had our plans for the Bible tours. We walked around town to find a hotel and found a sweet little place. For coming the day of we got 40% off for a basic double which I should say is still expensive. They still were waiting for people to check out so we went and took our tours. When we came back they had to do some switching of the rooms apparently so we ended up with a king suite!!!!!! So now are 40% off the basic became an even better deal. The place was so cute we will try to put up pix later. Our Bible tours were so amazing and faith strenthening. Our first tour was called Keep your eyes on the prize which considered Paul and Christians in Roman times. It centered on the idea of a Roman soldier and the prize they looked forward to and how that relates to the everlasting life the Bible offers. Our second tour was called Choose for yourselves. This tour took us to the rooms of ancient Egypt and considered the hard time Isrealites had during those times. It centered on their choice of serving their one God or being influenced by the many Egyptian gods and their foreign customs. We can tell you specific details when we get back. Now fast forward to the next morning and we are on a train right now headed to Bath. And yes we will be taking a bath in Bath. Again the weather is amazing… sunny and clear tho a bit cold. Thank you all for your posts we miss you all and love to hear from you!

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Looks like u guys are having a great time! Fun pics. Feel free to omit the upcoming “bath in Bath” pictures (we don’t really need to see that…) Hey Austin it looks like you’ve been adding pics to your “New Album 4/1/10″ album, instead of creating additional albums. Not sure if you wanted to that since it updates each of your old photo posts with brand new pics.

Have funs blokes!

April 5th, 2010 | 10:06 am
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