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Train construction

Posted by admin on Apr 11, 2010

This weekend train construction is causing some travel issues. Even locals are frustrated. When we left Edinburgh we really didn’t have many choices …we chose York which has lots of Viking and Medieval roots so we just walked around and took some pics. We stayed at a cute B&B run by Jason who was a nice guy. We got quite a deal from him because we have a Rick Steves travel book and Rick arranged special prices for those who have his book. Leaving York was very hard because of the train construction and it’s a Sunday. We are on a packed train to London. We are having our first experience STANDING on a train for 2.75 hours. We booked our last three nights at a little B&B in London but we will be doing some partial day trips probably to Stratford upon Avon and Cambridge. Weather is still great. In York we wore tshirts without sweatshirts! Hope all is well at home, we miss you.

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Mom and Sid:

Great weather is probably what you are coming home to also. I suppose standing for 2.75 hours could be called a long slow walk. We looked at the B&B you are staying in and it looks very cozy. Looks like Stratford upon Avon is so worth the visit. The local brothers no doubt have good results doing street witnessing on Sheep street.
We miss you and are working on our British accents with Iain. Tally Ho.

April 11th, 2010 | 10:15 pm
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