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shakespeare, university, and pulled muscles oh my!

Posted by admin on Apr 14, 2010

For our last full day in Great Britain we really jammed packed it full of fun. We headed to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater in London and did a tour. They were setting up for MacBeth which starts in 10 days. The Globe was fun but we are sad the the actual plays in the Globe don’t start until the last week in April so we didn’t get to see a show. After that we walked a long way to get some photos. After grabbing lunch on the run(literally…haylee pulled a muscle in her leg and austin was sore from our looooong run we hopped a train to Cambridge (40min away by train). Upon arriving we had to walk 20 min on our hurt legs to get to the center of town. We took some photos of the University and shopped at a local open air market. After getting back to London we went straight to Harrods (famous department store). We then walked around more and bought lots of trinkets. We got back to our hotel at a little after 8 and were starving so we unloaded our bags into our teeny room and walked to the pub on the corner of our street. Its interesting when you look around at the pubs and see little kids since as long as they aren’t drinking they are allowed at bars here. Kids can even walk up to the bar itself to order food! Definitely something you wouldn’t see at home. Needless to say we fell asleep with ease…that is as soon as we could clear our bed from all our luggage as our room barely fits the bed :)

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